Hosting is currently open. Please read through the criteria and rules below and if you still want to become apart of The Mystic Angel Network, fill out the form below!

What You Get

.o. A subdomain of your choosing - (,,, or
.o. 250MB to 500 MB depending on what you plan on doing with your space
.o. Unlimited Bandwidth
.o. personalized email address and email space (either through Outlook/3rd party email program or web based).
.o. mySQL, CGI, PHP, and whatever else my webhost allows.
.o. If you need anything else, you just need to ask. I don't bite.

Requirements & Criteria

Try your best to meet the following requirements and you more than likely will be accepted as a hostee:

I am willing to host: TCGs, TCG Posts, Personal, Graphic, Porfolio, Fan Listings, etc. If you want to apply for another type of site, just let me know.
.o. Know how to build a decent website and have the ability to use ftp.
.o. No mp3/video sharing sites.
.o. Be somewhat active in updating your site. I'm not saying you need to update every day, but maybe once a month would be preferred. I understand life sometimes gets in the way of updating - I'm not going to delete you if you don't update for a short period of time.
.o. Give me an example of your work. Even if you are a total newbie, it's ok - I just want to see what you can do. If you need any help, I can help as well.
.o. Once you are accepted as a hostee, please be in the process of moving in or fully moved in within three weeks. If you're not, I'll take that as you no longer needing space and will delete you.
.o. Be nice and treat myself and others with respect. No respect = no space.

The Application


Email Address:

Type of Website:

Graphic Example:

Preferred WWW:



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